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    There’s really no way of knowing when you might need a tire change in Calgary. Maybe you’re driving along the highway and hit an object in the road. Maybe you’re unlucky to find the nail hiding in the snow in a hardware store parking lot. Whatever the cause, there’s no denying the sinking feeling you get! It’s no fun dealing with a flat tire!

    The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Not everyone has a jack on hand. Or maybe you do, but your spare tire is flat too! Whatever the problem, if you need a tire change in Calgary, we’re here for you!

    Tire Change Services in Calgary

    Your car is more than just a possession. It’s a vital tool of modern-day life. It gets you to work on time. Makes it possible to get your kids to school or daycare. If you have a medical emergency at home, it can be a literal life saver. But that all requires your car to be fully functional and safe to use. A flat tire makes it impossible to use your car safely. It needs immediate attention. You need to be able to use your car safely, and when you have the time, to get your flat tire professionally assessed. Many flat tires can still be fixed, but often, not on the spot.

    Contact us day or night for reliable and affordable solutions.

    Tire change Calgary
    Tire change Calgary

    Professional Tire Change Calgary

    There are some people out there who always have the right tools in their trunk. Who can confidently jack up a car, loosen the tightest wheel nuts and switch a tire without breaking a sweat? If you’re not one of them, that’s okay too! As long as you have a usable spare tire, our professional tire change service will get you back on the road.


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    Whatever you drive, and wherever a spare tire has you stuck, we can help. Call our round the clock service, tell us where you are, and we’ll get there fast. Night or day, rain, snow, or shine, we’re always ready to give you a professional tire change.

    Why Choose Our Calgary Tire Change?

    • Professional, skilled staff
    • Clean and well stocked service vehicles
    • Round the clock service
    • Over a decade of experience
    • Fast and friendly service
    • We work on all types of cars and tires
    • Operational in Calgary and surrounding areas however

    Our crews are all trained to get the job of changing your tire done fast. More importantly, they’re trained to do it without damaging your car or wheels. We work everywhere – from the side of a highway to a dark country road! And we’ll come when you need us. Even if that’s in the middle of the night in a snowstorm. We’ll make sure that your tire really is flat, and that there isn’t another problem. Then we’ll quickly and efficiently remove it and stow it for you to repair later. A short while later, after checking your spare, we’ll fit it and make sure the nuts are tightened correctly. You’ll be back on the road safely in no time! We’re fast, we’re professional, and we offer an affordable service. So don’t struggle with your tires in the dark! Call us!