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    Flatbed Towing Services

    We are equipped to tow all vehicles without damaging them. If you are stuck on the side of the road and your car just won’t go, call Calgary Low Cost Towing. We’ll get you and your car where you need to go 24 hours a day with our very affordable towing services. We believe in towing the proper way every time. Never let another person tow you in their personal vehicle. Not only is it against the law but it is very dangerous. Our equipment is designed specifically for towing and is always updated as technology advances. READ MORE...

    Accented recovery

    Our professionals will help you recover your car in case of a breakdown or an accident. Calgary Low Cost Towing is the company to turn to when you need rapid and reliable assistance for an affordable price. No matter where the vehicle may be, as long as it is within our covered areas, you can count on us to provide the service that others can’t.


    All cars, new and old, break down sooner or later. The question is when will your car break down? If you can remember a time when you where driving some distance or even your last time driving in the city, most likely you see a car or two getting towed. Be safe and make sure that when your car breaks down, you have our number to call and get your vehicle towed out of any situation, with quick response time and the quality standards you deserve.


    Towing Services Calgary
    Towing Services Calgary

    Long Distance Towing

    Our reputation for top quality long distance towing service motivates us to provide that prestigious level of service to each and every customer. When you are not able to drive your vehicle from one location to another, towing services Calgary is ready to meet your needs. ​No matter where your vehicle is or where it needs to be relocated to, our licensed and insured tow drivers make the task of long distance transportation of your valuable property an easy and effortless process.

    Winching Services

    When you find your vehicle stuck in a ditch, sand, snow, or mud somewhere off the road, it can get very frustrating and even downright scary. Doesn't matter what kind of vehicle you are driving, whether it is a luxury sports car or a commercial rig, you can trust your local Calgary Low Cost Towing technicians to handle it. We have fully equipped tow trucks that are powerful enough to pull you out of any situation. READ MORE...

    Exotic & Sports Cars

    When your vehicle is your pride and joy such as an exotic or sports car you rely on Calgary Low Cost Towing, to safely get it to its destination. All our trucks are fully equipped with wheel-straps for damage free transportation and our drivers have the experience and training to make your move stress free.

    Motorcycle Towing

    Motorcycles make up an ever-growing percentage of today’s vehicles on the road and when they break down it takes a qualified operator to safely tow them to a repair facility. Our operators are all trained and equipped for all types of motorcycles from a small scooter to a fully dressed Harley Davidson. Our entire staff at Calgary Low Cost Towing takes towing and the transportation of Motorcycles very serious. All motorcycle roadside rescues are given the highest priority status, resulting in an Immediate response time.