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    Ever been caught in a ditch? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Numerous vehicle owners have had the frustrating experience of having their cars become stuck in a snow bank or ditch. Worse part is -  most vehicles aren’t equipped to drive out of these types of situations. These are the times you wish you had access to a winch.

    Winching is among the most common and easiest ways of retrieving a stuck vehicle. However, well-equipped towing and recovery companies such as Calgary Low Cost Towing should be able to provide reliable and prompt roadside assistance service.

    Our well-equipped  tow trucks have all the necessary tools and equipment to help you in roadside emergencies. Where you require a tow truck with a winch to bring you back onto the roadway. Calgary Low Cost Towing team of highly experienced in winching cars and trucks out of the snow, mud or water. When your vehicle becomes stuck off the road, Calgary Low Cost Towing winching services can pull your vehicle back on solid ground.  For example sometimes rain or ice can cause situations where you become stuck in the mud at parks, unpaved parking lots, or your very own back yard.  Above all hazardous road conditions may cause your vehicle to slide off pavement into a ditch or down an embankment.

    Our off-road recovery specialist have incredible expertise when a vehicle overturned and has to be up-righted or has slid down a steep hill/ embankment. Calgary Low Cost Towing can also recover vehicles that are submerged in a lake or other body of water.

    Winching Services Calgary
    Winch Services Calgary

    When Do I Need a Winching Services ?

    Winching might be necessary if other roadside assistance and vehicle recovery services are unsafe or fail.  A majority of wrecker services try using conventional towing methods prior to resorting to winch a vehicle from a dangerous situation.  Whenever a vehicle gets stuck on a step incline or a dangerous situation like having suffered serious damage or flood, it might be easier and safer to attach a two cable to the vehicle and winch it to safety instead of driving or towing it out of the situation. Winching Services Calgary

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    Winching is an effective and safe vehicle recovery method that is offered by a majority of roadside assistance services.  Above all professional roadside assistance staff have the necessary skill, expertise and training to use winching to retrieve your vehicle without damaging your vehicle or its undercarriage.  For example in some situations, winching is safer and easier that traditional recovery or towing methods. Winching Services Calgary

    Locking for  Winching Services Calgary Assistance?

    Winching is a roadside assistance staple that involves pulling a car from a precarious position with a strong cable and motorized axle. A professional roadside assistance service like Calgary Low Cost Towing will hook a heavy-duty tow cable to a safe and stable location on your car’s undercarriage. Where the cable is hooked may depend on several factors like the condition of your car and how accessible the undercarriage is in its present situation. Once the car is secured to the cable, a hydraulic or electric motor pulls the cable toward the truck, slowly and safely pulling your vehicle out of the ditch, snow bank, or other precarious position.

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    Firstly winching may be necessary when other methods of vehicle recovery and roadside assistance fail or are unsafe. Most wrecker services will attempt to use conventional towing methods before resorting to winching a vehicle out of a dangerous situation.

    In other words when vehicles are stuck on steep inclines or in dangerous conditions such as floods or having suffered severe damage, it may be safer and easier to attach a tow cable and winch the vehicle to safety rather than towing or driving it out.