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    Car Battery Replacement in Calgary

    When you look under the hood of your vehicle, you will find the car battery. It is an extremely important part of your car. It provides electricity that the vehicle uses for the door locks, lights, and other accessories. It is also responsible for starting your vehicle. If the battery dies, your car will stop working.

    Vehicle Lock out Calgary

    At least once in every driver’s lifetime, there will be an occasion when the car keys are left behind in a locked vehicle. When this happens to you, don’t panic. Calgary Low Cost Towing personnel have the knowledge and experience to get you back into your vehicle without causing any damage to your vehicle’s locking mechanism. When you call Calgary Low Cost Towing for an emergency lockout situation, a licensed tow truck driver will be quickly dispatched to your location. In a very short amount of time, you will be comfortably seated in your vehicle and ready to get back on the road.

    Tire change Calgary

    Empty Fuel Recovery Calgary

    ​Attempting to walk for long distances along a public road to get to and from a gas station, carrying a heavy canister of gasoline, can be very hazardous. If it is late at night, a local gas station may be closed. If the weather is bad, you are risking your health walking for unknown distances in rainy or windy conditions.

    You can remain with your car when you call Calgary Low Cost Towing for emergency fuel delivery assistance. We will send a licensed tow truck driver will enough fuel for your tank that will get you back on the road and to an open gasoline station where you can refill your tank. If you are in  Calgary area, we can reach you within 30 minutes. If you are outside of Calgary, it may take up to one hour to reach your location.

    Flat Tyre Assistant Calgary

    ​​​Whether you are in the middle of heavy traffic or going to your vehicle in a parking lot, having a flat tire is one very inconvenient situation. If you are in traffic, you need to slow down, pull far enough onto the side of the road so that you are safely away from passing vehicles, and turn off the engine. Driving on a flat tire can seriously damage an otherwise repairable tire and it can definitely do extensive damage to the tire’s rim or wheel base.

    Day or night, in the city or on a rural road, Calgary Low Cost Towing is the solution to your problem. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist drivers in their hour of need. Our tow trucks are equipped with the tools and equipment needed for repairing or changing flat tires. When you use Calgary Low Cost Towing for flat tire roadside assistance, both you and your vehicle will be in safe hands.

    Jump Start Services Calgary

    Realizing that you have a flat battery can be an awful feeling. Fortunately, our company can provide you with efficient and smooth jump start assistance that can make you forget that you ever had a crisis. If there is another problem under the hood that prevents your battery from either being charged or holding a charge, you will already have a professional tow truck at your disposal. Without the need to make another call for roadside assistance, Calgary Low Cost Towing can tow your vehicle away from a public road or parking lot to whatever location you select.